REMU Kick-Off 2016


  1. Aarne Ranta
  2. Gerardo Schneider
  3. Koen Claessen
  4. Prasanth Kolachina (V)
  5. Inari Listenmaa (Ve)
  6. John Camilleri
  7. Thomas Hallgren
  8. Peter Ljunglöf
  9. David Bamutura

V = vegetarian, Ve = vegan


Thursday 25th August

Friday 26th August



What is the flagship?


Try to build an "instance" of the flagship for a particular document, and then try to generalise later. We should have a repository of things we'd like to be able to do. Suggestions for possible domains/instances:

Example Utility Generality Maturity Voters (like, will work)
Naming law / Employment law 5, 2
Course plans 5 8, 6
Rental contract 5 3, 2
Terms of service 5 5, 4
Privacy policies (Raúl) 5 5, 4
Railway station regulations 5 4, 2
Source code comments 4, 1

Other out of scope suggestions:

After voting, most popular are:

Course plans (CP)

What features would be wanted?

Privacy policies (PP)

Terms of service can be seen as an "extension" of the privacy policies.

Railway regulations (RR)

This will happen anyway (given grant is accepted). Translation is not so important here.


Perhaps we can start on all 3. We should have someone responsible for each (as a co-ordinator).

Initial plans

Other stuff


Possible publications

VR doesn't monitor success but they will see publications (important for future proposals). There will probably need to make some final report for VR. Koen: We should aim for a flagship publication with all of us as authors.

Each of us discussed upcoming planned publications. Good to encourage new [internal] collaborations, e.g. alignment (Koen, Prasanth)

Note: NODALIDA 2017 will be in Gothenburg

Work Plan

3 work packages (bold indicates WP co-ordinator):

1. Course Plans (CP)

2. Privacy Policies (PP)

3. Grammar testing (GT)


Longer absences in upcoming year (2016/17):

Editing this page

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