Contracts and Computation Workshop



A workshop held in conjunction with John J. Camilleri's PhD thesis defence.

Organised by Gerardo Schneider (main host) and John J. Camilleri (web page, program), with the support of the REMU project.


Slots are 50 mins each (30–40 mins talk + questions), but the schedule can flex a little as needed.

Presentations from defence


"Defeasible AceRules: A Prototype" — Martin Diller, Adam Wyner, and Hannes Strass

The paper adapts the syntax of the AceRules system, an existing controlled natural language (CNL), and pipes the resulting output rules to a defeasible inference engine. With this, we can represent and reason with knowledge bases (KB) with strict and defeasible rules. For strict rules, the consequent of a strict rule must hold if the premises hold; for a defeasible rule, the consequent of a defeasible rule ought to hold if the premises hold. Strict rules are always applied whenever applicable, while defeasible rules are maximally applied (in terms of rule subsets), subject to consistency. In the CNL, defeasible rules are expressed in terms of what is “usual”. The CNL expressions of rules are parsed and semantically represented so as to be used by an inference engine to accurately generate possible states of affairs. A verbaliser expresses the results in natural language, which facilitates understanding. The approach to defeasible rules is contrasted with available approaches, e.g. negation-as-failure, exceptions, and the use of abnormality predicates. The work is broadly set in the context of argumentation. The paper overviews the underlying formalism and the CNL; it provides an extended example.

"Industrial Applications of Computable Contracts" - Meng Weng Wong

Meng will briefly introduce and report on various threads of work in progress:

and outline possibilities for collaboration along the above threads.

Meng Wong is currently a CodeX Fellow at Stanford working on, and concurrently one of the co-founders of, which aims to translate recent academic research into contract and legal formalisation toward industrial application via an opensource startup.

Participant list

  1. Marek Sergot (Imperial College London)
  2. Adam Wyner (University of Aberdeen)
  3. Svetoslav Marinov (Seal Software)
  4. Stephen Macy (Lex Cogitans)
  5. Jenevra Georgini (AIG)
  6. Meng Weng Wong (
  7. Alexis Chun (
  8. Dustin Wehr (
  9. Chiah Li Ong (
  10. Paula Pawlowski (
  11. Christian Johansen (University of Oslo)
  12. Markus Forsberg (University of Gothenburg)
  13. Gerardo Schneider (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  14. Aarne Ranta (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  15. Koen Claessen (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  16. Krasimir Angelov (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  17. John J. Camilleri (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  18. Inari Listenmaa (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  19. Prasanth Kolachina (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  20. Herbert Lange (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  21. Ann Lillieström (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)
  22. Bengt Nordström (Chalmers & University of Gothenburg)